Tuesday, September 14, 2010

what comes around goes around


This week I had a angel sponsor my youngest child for dance at Dance etc. Being truly grateful, I went to pay the tuition for the month. There was some errors made and I was arguing with the gal on the phone that I owed more money than what she was trying to charge. Personally I thought she wasn't paying attention to all the girls classes and was occupied with someone else at the desk. She was acting kind of weird, I just figured "She is a teenager and a giggly girl." I decided I would go in person on Monday to speak with the other office staff "because I know I owe more money!"
Come to find out as I go in to pay Monday, they are laughing at me as I walk in the office. Danielle says, "I was listening to the whole conversation over the weekend and I really wanted you to come into the office. The amount of money you owe is correct. We have another angel that wants to sponsor Reiana for dance.
They have always worked with me considering all my girls are dancing. I just make payments on the classes as we have so many. I am truly amazed at the kindness of the people that work there, dance there, and volunteer there.
They say it is good Karma and everything I do out of kindness comes back around. That is only one of the many blessings for this month..I must truly say THANK YOU I AM SO BLESSED!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A team effort


I cannot say anything more than this was an amazing three days! A day in my life I will never forget. Here are a few pictures of the donations that were given to me to raise money for an amazing man.



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Funny enough in the end, my husband says to my youngest, "if I fall asleep everything is one dollar"...he had worked grave yard that night..lol

Thank you for all that helped, I couldn't have did it without you! My brother Paul and my 2 nieces are not pictured, we were to busy the first two days to pull out the camera..

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stubborn as a mule strong as a bull

Well as you can see I haven't blogged in quite sometime. I have had some real life changes lately. One of the biggest ones is my dad. My dad is the strongest man on earth I swear. And by far the stubbornest as well. For the past 2 months he has been having pains here and there, swelling in his leg as well as discoloration. But do you think for one minute he would think of going to the doctor...HECK NO! With all that being said he gave us the biggest scare of our lives. He had a blood clot in his leg, which turned t several in his leg and in both lungs. He finally decides to go to the doctor after my husband convinces him that even strong men visit the doctor. By the grace of God, he survived the blood clots through his heart and into his lungs. Had he waited another day we would have lost the root of our family. I have never prayed so much in my life. I pray now, each day, thanking God for leaving my father and for giving me the man, I call.. "My husband."




Thank you Lord, for my blessings.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

If i could only slow down the time..

No one ever told me that when your kids hit high school that life would all of a sudden be in fast forward. As a parent we often say, "I can't wait til you grow up." At what point can we take the words back and stop the clock. Can I hold you and never let go. Your smile brings sunshine to the darkest of days. Recently I realized that I enjoy life so much more when you are around. I'm no longer telling you to go play, but come keep me company. 16 years ago I smiled as you entered the world and today I smile more. What a kind and beautiful woman you have become. Your shoulder I have cried on more than once. You are so much more than just my daughter but my friend. Your beauty reflects more each day. I'm so proud to be your mom. Keep smiling, your smiles are contageous.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Inspire me...

I have a few quotes I picked up from some friends...the first one has inspired me from day one... I even have it tatooed on my shoulder.

Live Well Laugh Often Love much.

There are four things you cannot recover-
The stone after you throw it,
The word after its said,
The occasion after the loss,
The time after its gone.

love it,
embrace it,
live it,
cherish it,
respect it,
share it,
make it memorable!
Life is RIGHT NOW..
So how are you gonna choose to live it....

Please feel free to leave some words that inspire you...Help inspire me...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Was the lord speaking to me today?

Going back to me, myself and I...
Today as I finally got to church for the first time in a month..I first had a challenge just trying to get there. Why would my zipper of my favorite new dress break. Not from my weight just by fault. My first response is stay home, but I had a goal to make it to church today and my husband must have felt that. He decided we are going to church, so that right there meant I was going regardless of my dress.
As I am sitting in my last class the teacher brings up the subject of caring for ourselves so that we are able to care for others. In many ways, one is to journal. Well there is my answer that I am on the right path. Not only am I eating healthy, exercising, but blogging. Blogging vs. journaling..I have the support of many people besides myself but you the reader as well. Thank you lord for inspiring me today.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fabulous SATURDAY!

I can only say how fabulous my day has been..i saved all these calories to eat out for a short celebration today, knowing i would want something not so healthy. I ordered friend fish..yes FRIED FISH! The best thing..i didn't finish even half of it cause i just didn't feel right doing it so, it didn't taste right either. In turn gourmet Top Ramen from my 8 year old and a beautiful bike ride all by ourselves off to swing at the park...BOY I LOVE BEING A MOM! And what makes me feel even more blessed..my daughter ditches all the kids just to come hang out alone with me..how much more special could i be...fabulous Saturday!